visualizes the results of the largest marathons in Germany. As marathon organiser only publish endless lists of result, aggregates them and allows users to compare results between different cities and years.

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Stack used: R (rvest, tidyverse packages), Amazon Webservices (EC2 instance, SQL database), Tableau Public

ITS / DB Hackathon (“Das Flachwurzlerproblem”)

During the ITS / Deutsche Bahn Hackathon 2017, three colleagues and me developed a prototype to assess which railway tracks are exposed to falling trees during a storm. With recent storms having a severe impacts on the operation of the railway network in the northern parts of Germany, at that time, we focused on making the railway network more safe.

We used publicly available data on the railway network, data on trees that are the location on public areas, as well as the soil condition in the area of Hamburg, Germany.

A webpage motivates our approach and walks through the results of our analysis. Finally, users can focus on specific areas and simulate under which conditions trees might fall on the railway infrastructure.

The jury awarded our prototype with the 1st price.

Live version

Github repository

Stack used: QGIS, Postgress, Bootstrap, DigitalOcean