Björn Bos

PhD candidate

University of Hamburg
Department of Economics
Von Melle Park 5
20146 Hamburg, Germany

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Journal Publications

Moral dilemmas and trust in leaders during a global health crisis.
Everett, J.A.C., Colombatto, C., Awad, E., Boggio, P., Bos, B., Brady, W.J., Chawla, M., Chituc, V., Chung, D., Drupp, M.A., Goel, S., Grosskopf B., Hjorth, F., Ji, A., Kealoha, C., Kim, J.S., Lin, Y., Maréchal, M.A., Mancinelli, F., Mathys, C., Olsen, A.L., Pearce G., Prosser, A.M.B., Reggev, N., Sabin, N., Senn, J., Shin, Y.S., Sinnott-Armstrong, W., Sjåstad, H., Strick, M., Sul, S., Tummers, L., Turner, M., Yu, H., Zoh, Y., and M.J. Crockett (2021).
Nature Human Behavior 5, 1074–1088. [pdf] [Data & Code]

The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany.
Quaas, M.F., Meya, J.N., Schenk, H., Bos, B., Drupp, M.A., and T. Requate (2021).
PLOS One 16(3), e0248288. [Open Access]
Media Coverage: SPIEGEL Online

Moral suasion and the private provision of public goods: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bos B., Drupp M.A., Meya J.N., and M.F. Quaas (2020)
Environmental and Resource Economics 76(4), 1117–1138. [Open Access] [Data & Code]

Selected Work in Progress

Financial Risk-Taking under Health Risk.
Bos B., Drupp M.A., Meya J.N., and M.F. Quaas (2023)
[CESIfo Working Paper]

Fishing under the Radar: Estimating Compliance with Fishing Bans.
Bos, B. (2022).
[Available on SSRN]

Residential air conditioning and learning.
Bos, B. (in prep.)