Björn Bos

PhD Student at the Department of Economics, University of Hamburg
Sustainability Economics Group

Von Melle Park 5
20146 Hamburg, Germany

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Journal Publications

Moral suasion and the private provision of public goods: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic
Bos B., Drupp M.A., Meya J.N., and Quaas M.F. (2020)
Environmental and Resource Economics 76(4), 1117–1138. [Open Access] [Data & Code]

Selected Work in Progress

The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany.
Quaas, M.F., Meya, J.N., Schenk, H., Bos, B., Drupp, M.A., and T. Requate (2020). [CESIfo Working Paper No. 8347]
Media Coverage: Spiegel Online